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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and In­for­ma­ti­on Technology
Research in High Frequency Technology

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Chair for High Frequency Technology

The chair makes important contributions to research and teaching in the field of high-frequency technology. The entire breadth of the subject area is covered in teaching. In the research, the glass fiber based optical transmission technology is the main focus. In addition, however, investigations are also being carried out, for example into the further development of field calculation methods, charge carrier transport in quantum components, alternative approaches for mode vortex chambers, the characterization of electrical lines and circuit board materials or the propagation of traveling waves on lines.

The technology available at the chair is mainly used in the field of silicon photonics for the production of optical components such as adaptive filter structures. In the laboratories we also have the measurement technology to characterize the properties of the manufactured components. Furthermore, there is the possibility of examining the behavior of the components when used in glass fiber-based optical transmission systems. In other areas, the very extensive experimental equipment is used to characterize the properties of subsystems such as optical amplifiers or to investigate the influence of polarization-dependent or non-linear effects on the transmission behavior.

In addition to the experimental investigations, extensive work is also carried out on the basis of analytical calculations and numerical simulations. For this purpose, we develop our own simulation models as well as entire simulation platforms at the chair.